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The connotation of Sida brand——Sun Moon Star, extending in all directions 

Corporate mission: Pursue greater user satisfaction, create greater social benefits, and achieve greater company wealth

Product philosophy: application priority, good quality, high cost performance, minimally invasive differences

Entrepreneurship: integrity, innovation, achievement

Corporate style: dedicated obedience, immediate action

Quality concept: Every day there is progress and improvement

Marketing concept: wolf marketing, smart marketing, the courage to impact 21 times

Management philosophy: high efficiency, flexibility and quick response

Business strategy: difference development, priority half step

Internal and external criteria: Heart-based, honesty, harmony is precious, spirit is magic

Cooperation concept: profit, win, win, win-win, win-win, win-win

Human-oriented policy: the company's business is created by employees, and the needs of employees are satisfied by the company

Talent view: respect people, rely on people, cultivate people, achieve people

Leading cadre's requirement: to work with the heart and brain

Core values: win-win at all corners of the world, up to the world




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