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How to choose the electric forklift correctly according to the work

  • 2020-05-27
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1. The weight of the goods

Electric forklifts have different t positions, ranging from 1.0t to 3.5t. When choosing an electric forklift, users should first know the weight of the goods they want to carry, and then choose the electric forklift accordingly. To make an analogy: If your cargo weighs 2.0t, then you must buy a 1.6 or 1.8t electric forklift; it is wasteful to buy a 3.0t, after all, the price difference between a 3.0t electric forklift and 2.0t is quite large of.

2. Shelf height

In order to standardize management and save land, most users will use shelves to place raw materials, which involves the lifting height of electric forklifts. The larger height of the fork lift must be able to meet the unloading and shoveling on the shelf. However, some people have different standards when calculating the fork lift height. Some people calculate the fork lift height from the upper surface of the fork, while others calculate the fork lift height from the lower surface of the fork. In this way, it is very likely that the purchased electric forklift cannot be used because the height of the shelf does not match the lifting height of the forklift. This is the problem encountered by Manager Zhang. Of course, there is no shelf, and the raw materials are placed on the ground without considering this issue.

3. Width of right-angle stacking aisle

To put it simply, it is the width of the aisle where the electric forklift can turn 90 degrees in the aisle. Most warehouse shelves are carefully calculated, and more shelves are placed in a limited space to store more goods. This involves the problem of electric forklift turning at right angles between shelves. , The width of the right-angle stacking aisle of the electric forklift is calculated from the vehicle design parameters: the width of the right-angle stacking aisle = turning radius + front overhang + length of the fork / pallet + ampere * clearance (Are * clearance is left and right about 20cm each ). For these parameters, the user does not have to be too true, each electric forklift will provide its own right-angle stacking channel width, as long as the user knows that the width between their shelves is smaller than the width of the electric forklift's right-angle stacking channel.

4. Pallet size

This is especially important for users who already use a large number of pallets. The specifications of the pallet will also affect the choice of electric forklift. For different pallets, the corresponding electric forklift should be selected. For example, a pallet of 1200 * 1000mm (length * width) should choose an electric forklift with a t position corresponding to 600mm in the load of the fork. Otherwise, it is a pity to eliminate a large number of pallets because of an electric forklift.


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