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Forklift drivers must know

  • 2020-05-27
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1. What is the content of "five forks" for forklift drivers?

Answer: (1) The cargo * center exceeds the load * center of the fork, which will not fork when the longitudinal stability is reduced.

(2) The single fork is not biased.

(3) The palletizing of goods is unstable.

(4) Do not fork when the fork tip may damage the goods.

(5) Overweight or unknown weight.

2. What are the requirements of the forklift in operation?

Answer: It is forbidden to use the fork to load the goods, pull the goods, and prohibit the overload of the forklift. The forklift is forbidden to drive people, the electric parallel forklift is forbidden to connect two action circuits at the same time, and the height of each stack in the warehouse and the car must not exceed four plates. Forklift trucks should be reinforced with safety ropes when placing fragile goods, valuables or unstable loads on the forks.

3. Under what circumstances should the forklift slow down?

Answer: When turning, retreating, narrow passages, uneven roads, slow down when crossing traffic and approaching goods.

4. What is the daily maintenance content of the forklift?

Answer: (1) Wipe the dust from various parts of the machine. (2) Check the engine oil volume (internal combustion forklift). (3) Check the specific gravity and height of the electrolyte in the battery. The height of the electrolyte should be 10 ~ 15 mm above the separator. Tighten the plug , Check the tightness of the * column and wire joints. (4) Reliability of the self-stroke action of the clutch and brake pedal, check the oil circuit for oil leakage. (5) Whether the various electrical circuit joints are firm, various instruments, Sensitive * effective.

5. What is the content of the labor safety * code that employees jointly abide by?

Answer: Do four things: take sufficient rest before work, concentrate on work energy, use protective equipment correctly, and pass one line, two stops, three passes.

7. No permission: No permission to leave the post, no permission to take off or land, no permission to stumble on the vehicle, no permission to drill over the vehicle, no permission to overtake the route, no permission to walk on the wood and the line *.



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