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Use and maintenance of forklift

  • 2020-05-27
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Precautions for use

01 It is forbidden to overload, and it is forbidden to use forks to lift people to work at heights, so as to avoid falling from the sky * accidents

02 It is forbidden to fork the goods at high speed and hit the hard object with the fork head.

03 When lifting or driving a forklift, it is forbidden for people to stand on the fork to hold items and play a balancing role.

04 The height of the load must not block the driver's sight. When items in special circumstances affect the line of sight, drive at low speed when reversing.

05 When the heavy load goes up and down the slope, due to the forward movement, the way of uphill normal travel and downhill reverse travel should be adopted to avoid tipping. After leaving the forklift, it is forbidden to leave the forklift when the items on the fork are suspended. Before leaving the forklift, you must unload the goods or lower the fork frame. The parking brake handle is pulled or the handbrake switch is pressed.

06 It is not allowed to carry people on the vehicle; people are not allowed to stand under the fork or walk under the fork; it is not allowed to manipulate the vehicle from a position other than the driver's seat; high-lift trucks with a lifting height of more than 3 meters should pay attention to the above When the goods fall, protective measures must be taken when necessary; the mast should be tilted back as far as possible during work, and tilted back and forth within a small range.

07 When leaving the vehicle, lower the fork to the ground and put the gear handle in the neutral position. The engine is turned off and the power is disconnected. The hand brake is pulled well. When parking on the slope, the wheel must also be cushioned ; Do not handle unfixed or loose piles of goods, handle large-size goods carefully.

Daily maintenance of forklift

Pay attention to regular maintenance of the forklift. Inspection and cleaning are necessary maintenance procedures.

The maintenance of the forklift is divided into four categories, namely daily maintenance, secondary maintenance and triple maintenance. The daily maintenance of the forklift is a common process in the maintenance of the forklift, and it is carried out every day.

01 Check the amount of engine oil in the engine crankcase and air filter, the amount of fuel in the fuel tank, and the amount of cold water in the radiator, add as required when insufficient.

02 Check the height of the electrolyte surface in the battery, add as necessary, and keep the air holes of the cover smooth * and tightly and firmly connect with the wire connector.

03 Check the self-stroke and working reliability of the hydraulic brake and hand brake, and add brake fluid and remove air from the system as necessary.

04 Check the tire pressure and remove the sundries embedded in the tire tread; check the working oil volume, pipelines and joints in the hydraulic tank of the vehicle for leaks.

05 Check the water level of the fire extinguishing water tank; check the working conditions of instruments, lights, horns, etc.

06 Check the tightening of various parts: fork frame support, lifting chain tension screw, wheel screw, wheel fixing pin, brake, steering gear screw.

07 Check the reliability and flexibility of the foot brake and steering gear: each pipe joint, diesel tank, oil tank, brake pump, lifting cylinder, tilting cylinder, engine oil pan, main reducer, hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder . Remove the oil filter deposits.

After the above inspections are completed, start the engine, check the operation of the engine, and check whether the operation of the drive train, brake system and hydraulic lifting system is normal.


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