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Use and maintenance of electric forklift battery

  • 2020-05-27
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Daily inspection of electric forklift

1. Liquid level: below the rated liquid level, the service life of the battery will be shortened, and too little electrolyte will cause the battery to generate heat and damage. Therefore, you must always pay attention to whether the electrolyte is sufficient.

2. Terminals, wires, and covers: Always check the corrosion caused by oxidation at the junction of the battery terminals and the connection with the wires, and check whether the covers are deformed or heated.

3. Appearance: Dirty storage battery surface will cause leakage, and the storage battery surface should be clean and dry at any time.

Second, storage

1. Storage place: it cannot be short-circuited; the short-circuit caused by rain may cause fire and may generate a small amount of hydrogen, so the battery must be stored in a ventilated and cool place.

2. Used batteries: The used batteries still have electrical energy, and should be kept according to the storage method of the used batteries.

3. Operation of the end-of-life battery

1. Operation of the battery at the end of life: When the battery is near the end of life, the electrolyte in the single-cell battery diminishes very quickly, and distilled water should be added daily.

2. Disposal of used batteries: For used batteries, remove the electrolyte and divide the batteries *. It is possible to discuss whether the battery manufacturer should recycle it.

4. Operation of electrolyte

1. Check the specific gravity: check the specific gravity with a suction hydrometer, do not let the electrolyte splash out during the operation, and wear protective equipment.

2. Operations other than inspections: Consult the specialists, especially when replenishing electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid).

3. Electrolyte leakage: due to battery tipping or damage, electrolyte leakage should be performed immediately (refer to emergency handling items)


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