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Talent Concept

We are convinced that talent is the main resource of an enterprise and the foundation of its development.

We believe that everyone is a talent, focusing on the present, development and future of every employee. The success of the company is the success of employees.

We advocate: the motherland is with the company; the career is with the family; the individual is with the collective; competition and solidarity are present; pragmatism and innovation are present; criticism and self-criticism are present.

We do everything we can to do it: the right person, the right person, so that everyone ’s ingenuity has a space and a stage to fully display.

We always ask ourselves: people-oriented, unlimited innovation.

Not only do we keep people through treatment, we prefer to keep people through our careers and emotions.

We always ask ourselves: people-oriented, unlimited innovation; praise talents who have both integrity and talent, cultivate elite talents, create opportunities for outstanding talents, build a broad career development stage for them, let them continue to grow and realize their dreams; cherish each Employees, every creativity, respect everyone, and pay attention to the contribution of each employee.

Our talent concept: Talent is a dynamic concept. The reason why a person is called a talent is because its moral quality, value concept, world outlook, outlook on life, business ability, etc. are consistent with the requirements of the enterprise, and can integrate and promote the progress of the enterprise.

We encourage and encourage every employee to use his high expectations to lead himself, high standards to demand himself, and challenges to motivate himself, to struggle with the company and grow together.

We hope that through the continuous efforts of each employee, we will set up a century of southern defense, use our wisdom to make the world work, and contribute to the better life of mankind.

Employment strategy

Our way of employing people: good at using people, using right people, using good people, retaining people, training people.

Our principle of employing people: use the best of the people, avoid the shortcomings of the people, make full use of the talents, and value the talents

Our employment rules: those who discover and cultivate talents will be rewarded, and those who bury or suppress talents will be punished.

Our employment system: dynamic conversion system; in-situ monitoring system; expiration rotation system; dolphin promotion system; competitive induction system and dynamic equity incentive system.

Our assessment and evaluation of talent formula: personal comprehensive quality = knowledge + ability + performance + public opinion. Combine performance management with employee evaluation and leadership evaluation, focus on comprehensive evaluation results, and establish a scientific talent evaluation index system.




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